The Coalition for the Protection of Children Donation Page

The Coalition for the Protection of Children Donation Page


12/31/2016: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Venue: Donation

Charity Registration Number: 334 


The Coalition for the Protection of Children is celebrating its 20th year in working to ensure the rights and needs of children in Bermuda are met. We believe that how we care for children and their families, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future are the most important issues we face during our lifetime.  At the CPC our mission is twofold: to heighten public awareness of children's issues and advocate on behalf of them and their families, and to provide services which address critical but unmet needs to ensure that all children grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. These services include child rights and child protection advocacy, school breakfast programs, food storehouse for families in need, family financial assistance including summer camp sponsorship, school uniform support and emergency assistance, therapeutic intervention and empowerment for parents, pro-bono legal advice and family mediation as well as peer mediation training in Bermuda schools.

SectionPriceTickets Requested
Emergency Hardship Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
The Belco Neighbors Helping Neeighbors Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
Breakfast Program & Food Storehouse Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
Client Educational Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
Summer Camp Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
School Uniform Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
Child Medical Assistance Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
Family & Peer Mediation Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down
General Fund $50.00 Spin UpSpin Down